A solution that helps brands to build and use large communities of atom-influencers in marketing and sales campaigns. A software with hidden network value that wants to disrupt the sales industry

  • Afi.to  is a software company that provides SaaS services. They focus on atom-Influencers, Affiliation, gamification and closed E-commerce in a white label model.
  • The goal is to build a solution that will be used by millions of people to make money in their free time
  • The company was established in the United Kingdom by Szymon Bolczyk, Denis Kuchur
  • “With great power comes great responsibility”… as a famous quote popularized by Spiderman franchisee says. The question is, will large communities, built with the help of afi.to software, be used ethically?. By building a community of, let’s say, 500,000 people, that are paid to do whatever the brands want, gives great power to build positive or negative opinions… and that’s fascinating and scary at the same time.

Below you can find an interview with Szymon Bolczyk, a current CEO and co-founder of the company:

One word that describes your business:


One sentence that describes your business:

We help companies to sell through a lot of people

What do you offer and to whom:

We offer software SaaS solutions to companies that allow them to build massive communities, who are rewarded (e.g. with company products, vouchers, and others or …cash) for completing tasks and creating content. It’s a win-win for both

How do you improve your client/users life:

In short, we help brands to evolve and be ready for the marketing of the future. Next generations are technology native and have a different vision of how the products are promoted to them.

What is your biggest challenge:

When you deal with hundreds of thousands of people you need to automate a lot of things, otherwise, you will be swamped. Our clients expect that the tasks are done right and the quality of the content they create is of high quality. So we are developing AI solutions that help us to measure and define the quality of produced conten

What was your biggest challenge:

We needed to figure out how to make people know about our offer and how to use a viral effect to make this snowball rolling.

How would you describe your business story to a 4-year-old child?

A lot of kids like things other kids have. You asked parents to get you a game because Patrick told you about it or you saw him playing it. Adults are similar. So we realised that and built a game. In that game, people try things and tell others if they like it. And we reward them for it

Who built it? Who are the people:

The business was built by Szymon Bolczyk and Denis Kuchur with help of technical founders and great early-stage investors who believed in our idea. On top of it we have software developers, both web and mobile

The main goal presented by the founder is to build a solution for bigger brands to work with a large number of people that will be paid for doing a lot of different things like social media activity, content creation or discounted purchased in the closed e-shop.

There are a lot of software solutions that can be offered to companies to build loyalty or referral programs, but these are simplistic and rarely engaging or attract masses of…quality members. Except for the great functionality that our software has, we offer companies access to a network of atom-influencers through a hub of communities called afi.me.

A massive network of people with help of afi.me mobile application offered to people who want to exchange their free time for money or other rewards. The idea is simple, you download the app and join programs offered by different companies, complete the tasks there and get paid, whilst companies benefit from getting brand awareness and increased sales!

The company believes that this source of people will be their game-changer. The costs of acquiring people / new clients can be tough for a lot of companies and selling access to people lower this to a very low level. Except for the great functionality the company offers, they believe that access to a network of nano-influencers will be a reason why brands will choose afi.to software instead of other solutions on the market with a similar strategy

An expert den:

Making business in this competitive market is hard, but the company has a very unique strategy of offering people as an addition to the software they are offering. An instant exposition to thousands of users allows them to compete with mainstream media. This approach ensures this company has a bright future

Piotr Danelski