Smablo designs a set of electronic devices that can be connected like lego blocks and used to build a prototype or production-ready IoT device. The company combines hardware and unique software… let’s call it a rapid prototyping system.
  • Smablo is a hardware / IoT company.
  • Their goal is to build a unified IoT system by providing a large number of devices that can be connected
  • The company focus on low-energy electronics. They describe themselves as pioneers in Bluetooth 5.0, LTE-M, NB-IoT technologies
  • The company was established in Poland by Mateusz Lower, Michał Lower and Simon Piekarz
  • This company is addressing all the negative aspects connected with IoT development. The cost of development, production, licensing is so drastically high in this industry that a solution that brings products quicker into the hands of first adopters is more than welcome.

Below you can find an interview with a current CEO and co-founder of the company:

One word that describes your business:


One sentence that describes your business:

We help to make products smarter

What do you offer and to whom:

We offer an IoT system that allows people to build IoT devices by connecting our modules like lego blocks. You can build a robot, smart car or simple smog detection system based on our technology. We’re selling that to any companies interested in bringing to life another piece of hardwar

How do you improve your client/users’ life:

We cut dramatically the cost of prototyping, we allow companies to test products reality without huge investments in production. We help to deliver IoT products that are fitted to market needs

What is your biggest challenge:

Our biggest challenge is education. We need to teach a market a little that the traditional way of building IoT devices is not the only way of doing that.

What was your biggest challenge:

Developing 78 modules without proper investment just with own resources.

How would you describe your business to a 4-year-old child:

You can build a robot and control it with your smartphone. You can build a missile launcher, that will start when someone enters your room

Who builds it? Who are the people:

The business was founded by Mateusz and Michał Lower, two programmers who are in love in IoT. Szymon Piekarza as a third co-founder help to bring this idea to life

The approach that the company is pursuing can be worth something on the market but only if they will be able to bring the solution into the hands of people responsible for building prototypes. This includes all the hardware and software houses, Experimental and new business departments of larger organizations.

The average cost of building a custom single sensor device, that is only doing a limited logic is dramatically high. The prices of IoT sensors are getting down, but the cost of production is growing… because dealing with Hardware development is complicated

The company believes that rapid prototyping is the game-changer in this industry and systems that are bringing more complexity to the market can help to make an IoT propagation a reality

An Expert DEN:

IoT device market is growing every month. The current technologies like LTE-M, NB-IoT or Sigfox are helping to build smart cities, cars, buildings. The connection of IoT devices with AI processing is a future and a company that’s trying to be a standard in the industry is interesting. But as it is with all standards they are very hard to implement on the market. This company need serious financing and probably a strategic partner to complete their goals!

Piotr Danelski