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Platform Features

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Drop zones are designed to allow outsiders to transfer files from outside. The system creates a special dump zone where, for example, the client can see all the files transferred and can add new ones.

Create a drop zone by clicking the "Create a drop zone" button

When adding a drop zone, we provide its name and an optional password. If we provide a password, the user will have to enter it before being given access to the files

The created dump zone is represented in a folder in the file list, and all files transferred by an external person will be found there.

The principle of the drop zone is simple. an external person gets access to their folder on the website. He can create his folders there, he can drag & drop his files, basically everything just like in the system, but outside of it

However, external users cannot delete files and only the system user can do it. You can also block the user from accessing the drop zone at any time.

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