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Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

The ene platform combines ease of use with the strength of encryption. However, you decide how much you want to protect your data. You can choose from several security levels. The higher the security level you choose, the fewer options you will have to make your life easier. For example, you will have to enter a key each time you decode the file. We emphasize, however, that whether it will be so depends on you. By definition, each file is encrypted and secured even if you choose a security level with a key stored in the system

All files are encrypted with AES256-based key. When selecting the security level, a key will be generated which you can change. However, it is important that you write down this key.

We recommend that you write down this key on paper and not keep it, for example, in a notebook. This way, someone can steal your key by various types of malware

Our security mechanisms do not allow files to be decoded directly using your key. Therefore, if somehow intermediaries gain access to your encrypted files, even if they know the key, they will not be able to decode them. To decode a file, your key and our encryption mechanism are required, only the platform can decode files. This is to protect files against unauthorized access in any additional place where the data is stored

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