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Decide how you protect your files
We give you set of very useful options that help you to secure your files from different problems like: human errors, unauthorised access, PSD requriments

You can use the multi-factor authorisation to protect access to a system or files. The users need to confirm selected actions with a token or code sent to their mobile apps

File versions

Built-in file versioning system allows you to track how the file change over time. You will not have an overwriting problems when working as team on one workspace


You can set permission to a selected files or folders so your users will access only files that are authorised

Track record

You can track who downloaded the files and from what location. You can authorise the devices that are allowed to access files.


Super-admins can recover all deleted files from a selected time period. You set how long the files being deleted are saved


You can have a disucssion over the uploaded files between team members. Simple but effective tool to collaborate

Files and keys are protected
We do everything what we can to protect the access to your files on a level you choose
Files are stored in AWS cloud encrypted with unique keys. They are protected from being destroyed. The files are saved randomly without any information about the owner, type or format.
Depend on the level of protection you will choose keys are stored in our database, cache or nowwhere. The keys are used on a separated decryption/encryption server. We keep them separated from the files.

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