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Sharing and Collaboration options
Work with files with other people. Team members, Clients can access the files under the protection level you choose

You can invite as many other users to your platform as you need. You can set the permissions for people so they can see files or build just their own repositories


You can export the files with a click of a button. You can send one time links to people to people outside your organization.


You can create special dropzones where people can access the files from outside. They can also upload you files based on a project, case or subject you're working with

Files and keys are protected
We do everything what we can to protect the access to your files on a level you choose
Files are stored in AWS cloud encrypted with unique keys. They are protected from being destroyed. The files are saved randomly without any information about the owner, type or format.
Depend on the level of protection you will choose keys are stored in our database, cache or nowwhere. The keys are used on a separated decryption/encryption server. We keep them separated from the files.

Build your encrypted file storage

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